Company " Darina Privee Investments " is not limited to those areas of work which has already established itself . We know that in order to remain interesting for our customers and partners , you need to develop. Therefore constantly developing new activities and expand its range of services .

" Darina Privee Investments " invites all interested individuals and entities different types of insurance :

- Health insurance ( including collective agreements , life insurance, employee health insurance hazardous enterprises )
- Car insurance (mandatory , voluntary , Green Card )
- Insurance of houses, apartments , land, as well as the risks associated with any real estate transactions .

We will help insure the property belonging to an individual or entity ; issue an insurance policy traveler. The services of licensed professionals with whom the company cooperates will give you the opportunity to make their lives safe and possible to protect all that you hold.

Our partners - the largest insurance agencies . Advice on insurance have qualified experts . We always remember that each case is different , and therefore to any incoming request to treat us with the utmost attention . Depending on what type of insurance you need for you to pick the optimal conditions of registration policy. At the same time take into account all your wishes : a list of insurance risks , the amount of insurance premiums making scheme .

You can be sure that all the terms and nuances provided by the insurance contract will be met. Guarantee this is our impeccable reputation and partnership with leading experts in the field of insurance.