Complex Laguna 3

Reference number: Lagina3 Price: On request Quadrature: 0.00m2 Location: Sunny Beach, Bulgaria Property: Complex

Holiday village "LAGUNA-III" is located in the south central part of the area " west " of the resort " Sunny Beach" . The project is located west of the main communication artery Nessebar -Sunny Beach- St Vlas.Sgradata is located close enough to the beach and also falls within the area protected from traffic noise due to high natural vegetation around, representing the wonderful microenvironment for active recreation.

The building is designed for seasonal use , but it is possible throughout the year . The living area is separated mainly in the form of one-bedroom apartments . In order to expand its range of apartments in the complex have been designed and several one-room studio apartments and 1 bedroom apartment with compact razpredelenie.Obshtiya maximum number of dwellings on the project is 93.
One bedroom flats are economical to use them and consists of a compact bedroom , a living area with kitchen and dining area, and a bathroom with shower . For all types of housing provided in the living area to accommodate extra sleeping area ( in 2 +2 configuration ) .
Project is designed in a "U " shaped volume , located in the central part of the plot, with the long axis east -west. The inner loop of the building to the south is a large outdoor pool with children's section . The space around the pool was designed as possible in a recreational area with sun loungers and parasols available to guests at the resort. The floor plan of the project has been realized in the form of two separate independent body , forming a "U " shaped outline. Each of the sections - A and B has its own separate entrance, hallway with bilateral located apartments isolated staircase and elevator. The building has no basement and consists of 5 standard floors , and from the sixth floor terrace . The construction is solid - concrete with frame- reinforced concrete construction system.